Space Coast Live Video

Space Coast Live Video

Kennedy Space Center (KSC) is a spaceport located on Merritt Island, Florida, in the United States. It is the primary launch center for human spaceflight for the United States, as well as a major commercial launch site.

The facility was originally constructed in the early 1960s for the Apollo program, which landed humans on the Moon. Since then, it has been the launch site for many important space missions, including the Space Shuttle program and the International Space Station.

KSC is operated by NASA and covers over 144,000 acres (58,000 hectares). It includes launch pads, processing facilities, and launch support infrastructure, as well as a visitor complex that offers exhibits and attractions related to space exploration.

In addition to NASA’s activities, KSC is also home to several commercial space companies, including SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Boeing. These companies use the facility to launch their own spacecraft and conduct other space-related activities.

Overall, Kennedy Space Center is a vital hub of activity for space exploration and technology development, both for the United States and the international community.

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Merritt Island, Cocoa, Brevard County, Florida

Space Coast Live Video